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Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

Behind the Scenes

After the designer's groundbreaking only black cast at his recent women's fashion show in Milan, designer Philipp Plein confirms his dedication to rule breaking by again choosing only black models to interpret his creations in the new spring/summer 2014 ad campaign. 

Shot in Milan by Francesco Carrozzini, the group of male and female protagonists interact in a parallel crystalline world, cut off from all that is mundane and ordinary. A cool gang, dressed to kill, where each member shines in their own particular style.

Captivating and sensual, the spring/summer 2014 collection stands out for its luxurious materials, seductive silhouettes, cheeky sport details and a strong underlying current of sizzling sexuality. 

A sartorial heritage reinvented in an urban & underground mood, the collection is presented in strictly all-black or all-white, and features unabashed glamour elements including cascades of CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements, Hardcore diamonds micro all-over studding, flashing shots of silver and an iconic oversized, over the top crocodile baseball jacket with matching shorts. Completing the mood are an array of sumptuous maxi bags and a parade of impeccable shoes including towering stilettoes, metallic brogues and studded loafers.

As Philipp Plein states, "I thrive on provocation, going against the status quo, and avoiding the predictable. From choosing an only black cast to combining apparent opposites like underground style with extreme luxury, my objective is to push limits and transcend convention."