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Women's and Men's Resort 2018 Fashion Show


Why Philipp Plein chose his home as the venue for his Resort 2018 show

“Opening up my home to people is a new experience. It’s very personal because when you meet someone for the first time, you don’t really get to know much about them but when you go to someone’s home… that’s when you find out everything.

La Jungle Du Roi is where I come to escape. It’s where I come when I need to breath and I’m trying to relax. It has a very positive atmosphere here and it gives me lots of energy. It’s my happy place.

My design team and I all worked and slept at the house for over a month while we put together this collection. So it is very influenced by the garden, the flowers, the colors and the light. When I bought the place in 2012, the garden was completely overgrown, just like a jungle – hence it’s name. And a jungle has many sides: it can be romantic, it can be mysterious and, sometimes, even dangerous. I like all those contrasts.

This is my first Resort collection  show and what I like most is that it’s outside of the fashion calendar. It’s away from all the stress and business of the fashion schedule. My home is an oasis of calm and I didn’t feel any pressure creating this collection. I only felt joy.

The show is early evening so we’re just using natural daylight, no artificial light. And we’re not building a set; all we’re doing is adding chairs and a runway carpet – that’s it. It’s very authentic, like a summer garden party.

So, what guests are experiencing here is the real world of Philipp Plein. It’s pure Pleinland.”

Philipp Plein