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The night before the show. A fantasy-inspired set features a giant garden gnome watching over  a kaleidoscopic neighborhood. A playground for the Bermuda-wearing college boy and the powerful female figure in gladiator boots, seemingly in charge.  She is the star and she owns it: decked-out in jacquard suits, denim, and gold chains, she and her Amazon ponytail reign supreme. It’s nighttime and we can feel the heat under the neon lights of the carousel-town. 

Starring Fergie, the ultimate hip hop honey vixen, and good boy with an edge model Matthew Terry, the Spring/Summer 2017 campaign features two characters left to play alone in  blown-up scenery against a pitch-black background. The town is empty, time to cash in on the fun.

A playful malice takes over the poser-characters aware of their being involved in a staged performance featuring over-the-top styles and accessories. The cold filter and blue undertones take the sweetness out of the giant-size gelato cone and the candy-houses with a good-family-home fence, a nod to 80s disco. It’s time to play games and they have all the props they need: a bike, a 50s vintage car, candy, garden trolls, and, why not: a ride on the carousel. 

Iconic imagemaker Steven Klein once again collaborates with Philipp Plein on another new project. A memory-shoot of the final Milan show set before the designer  moves his   extravaganza to New York. The images clearly state the brand’s  style philosophy and the clothes own the town, bringing a fantasy world to life and creating a sensorial reality that stretches out of its wonderfully imagined limits. The campaign puts women center stage, shining in gold accessories and details, always up front – while the kids can only stand back and watch. Yes, powerful and super-delicious women are back and so is Philipp Plein’s  exclusive  Wonderland.