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Goldschmiedgasse 2, 1010 Wien, Austria


The  opening  of  PHILIPP  PLEIN  and  PLEIN  SPORT  situated  in  the  heart  of  Vienna  in Goldschmiedgrasse  is taking place on Friday, 23. June 2017. Designed by the renowned architectural firms Claudio Pironi & Partners and CLS, the store is located close to Stephansplatz and unites for the first time all collections  of  PHILIPP  PLEIN  (women’s,  men’s  and  children’s  collection)  with  PLEIN  SPORT (men’s  and women’s  collection) in  a  remarkable  store  space  of  300  sqm.  A  Swarovski  headed  skull  embellishes  the entrance  of  the  store,  in  which  the  PHILIPP  PLEIN  men’s collection  is  presented  in  the  lower  level, the women’s and kids collection is available on the ground floor and the PLEIN Sport collection is presented on the  first  floor  of  the  store.  Details  in  stainless  steel,  black  and  white  marble  as  well  as  chandeliers  in precious Murano glass decorate the lower and ground floor, while the first floor shows many recognizable characteristics  of  the  luxury  activewear  brand  PLEIN  SPORT.  Gymnastic  bars  and  rings  as  suspension devices,  weight  benches  as  seating  facilities,  neon  lights  with  iconic  quotes  from  the  brand  as  well  as punching bags and boxing accessories reflect the PLEIN SPORT concept of a luxury gym.  The interior design shows  various  high-quality  details  in  black  marble,  raw  iron  and  polished  brass  in  combination  with  black leather  and  gold  details  which  embellish  the  ambience.  Rough  asphalt  flooring,  walls  covered  with concrete,  a  running  cybermannequin  and  the  tiger  logo  of  the  brand  in  the  shop  windows,  complete  the PLEIN SPORT concept.