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South Las Vegas Boulevard, 3720 - 89109 Las Vegas, United States of America


PHILIPP PLEIN strengthens its thriving global retail expansion with the inauguration of a new flagship store in Las Vegas,  a 5.700 square foot location inside the Crystal Mall complex - the most exclusive shopping destination in the ‘Sin City’, which every year receives over 40 million visitors, standing as the 5th most visited destination in America.

 Opening on June 10, this is the largest flagship store of the brand in the US market and the first to carry  PHILIPP PLEIN  men’s and  women’s  ready to wear collections, and PLEIN SPORT men’s and women’s activewear  along with the extensive shoe, handbag and accessory lines that complete the brand’s immersive vision of high-luxury. 

Designed by Milan’s renowned CLS architectural studio to reflect PHILIPP PLEIN’S dynamic and sophisticated style, the space mixes sharp and ultramodern materials in an innovative concept that harmonizes polished concrete floors with crystal displays and marble-printed walls reproducing characteristic ‘macchia aperta’ polishing.

The ‘minimalist yet futuristic’ set is finished with slender steel and brass fixtures, folding concrete tables and sensorial neon lighting in the floor lamps and in the colored forms suspended on  walls.

The backlit façade is textured with silver PHILIPP PLEIN hexagon logos and animated by two light boxes streaming maxi holograms of the brand’s iconic skulls.

Three main areas - respectively dedicated to the accessories, the PLEIN SPORT world and the PHILIPP PLEIN first line - articulate a multi-dimensional concept where each room is divided into the men’s collection on the left side and the women’s offering on the right side, making for a clear and comprehensive shopping experience inspired by the designer’s vibrant and cosmopolitan personality.


“Las Vegas is a true oasis of energy, entertainment and fun, a super-charged   city which perfectly embodies the feeling of luxury and exclusiveness that distinguishes my brand”, remarks Philipp Plein. “This will be our largest store in the US market and a relevant, strategic location in the company’s retail plan, currently focused on a no-limits growth  with 1 to 3 openings every month. We are building an extraordinary empire, and this move further brings us ahead of the game”.