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PHILIPP PLEIN Made in Italy - Luxury for the discerning few

PHILIPP PLEIN's passion for Italian craftsmanship, in a video that describes how authentic luxury is created

Very few people are able to recognise authentic luxury; that which distinguishes unique objects, each able to tell an enchanting story of a masterly hand. Like the clothing, accessories and jewellery created by the Swiss fashion house, all strictly made in Italy. Black and white images, with a cinematographic feel, exalt the beauty of each individual object, made completely by hand. The setting is Lake Como, an internationally recognised symbol of pure Italian lifestyle, and the luxurious interiors of a majestic 16th-century villa on it's shores. The video features a man and a woman, both of whom are free spirits; elegant and sophisticated connoisseurs of luxury and beautiful things

He is not afraid to be daring and to show his more instinctive side, metaphorically and ironically alluded to by the gorilla mask he wears for much of the video. The gorilla dances in beauty. Its flowing moves, which convey strength and dynamism

One morning, when touching PHILIPP PLEIN accessories, he immediately perceives the intrinsic value and perfection of luxury. 

Cut to a close-up on the hands of skilled craftsmen, their slow, fascinating movements as they select the materials, cut, assemble, sew, apply and finish with dedication and certainty, following the procedures handed down for generations. 

Everything is so intensely beautiful that the gorilla takes off his mask. Although the rebellious boy remains, he now knows the exact history of that which he has always been attracted to. And while times change, Italian craftsmen preserve their perpetual and reliable heritage of knowledge, keeping faith with tradition while interpreting new products and ideas. 

For the designer Philipp Plein, this heritage is an essential resource for expressing his creativity. The heart of an alternative, unconventional and highly contemporary luxury, but one that also shows meticulous attention to detail.

For those who love to allow themselves the pleasures of life and surround themselves with the best... always. Together with PHILIPP PLEIN.