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Pompadour Punk

Midnight. Versailles time. She is the true queen. The beautiful Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, better known as Madame de Pompadour. And the splendid noblewomen who surround her invade the palace and allow their most hidden instincts to come alive. It is time for music, dance, intrigue, even scandal. Philipp Plein rides this wave of Scandalous Glam with conviction, a designer who always astonishes with his irreverent style, capable of harmonizing the most extreme and unlikely opposites. A real fashion gambler. Always a winner. With an aristocratically punk charm.

For next season Philipp Plein paints a marvelous picture at Court, reliving the splendid atmosphere of grand festivities of royalty and courtesans, nobility and mistresses, that continue until sunrise. The balls, the liaisons, the laughter and folly.

An homage to the splendour of an era. The passion for luxury, love of the aesthetic taken to the extreme and obsessive attention to every detail; these are the elements that allow us to experience the dream.