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Regret nothing. Mess with best, die like the rest!

ONLY KILL FOR REAL LOVE by Philipp Plein - The allure of a man in  uniform. A confrontation between Sportswear and formalwear, an alliance struck by razor blades and hammered stud -like shotgun cartridges, new iconic details of the PHILIPP PLEIN Maison.   An easy-to-wear attitude for a luxury aesthetic, even the most minute detail is  perfectly  finished,  a  true demonstration of  Italian expertise where  luxury becomes a challenge … to the death! 

The designer Philipp Plein does not have any doubts, and certainly takes no half measures: “Regret Nothing” is the motto of his metropolitan fighters, who will be wearing truly special “armour” in the Fashion War that awaits them. The glorious military tailored tradition is revisited through  revolutionary Punk and Hip Hop cultures, and interpreted in an extra-luxurious key through the use of prized materials such as cashmere, snakeskin, deerskin  and crocodile.

The vast selection of coats is characterised by a successful combination of fabrics and workmanship.  Made to withstand city chaos, the new nylon parka-Montgomery is warm and waterproof,  and features patch reinforcements in contrasting Saffiano leather. Many are the  luxurious  details:  sheepskin  hoods with  fox fur trim, branded snap closures  and  frog fastenings and linings in laminated, quilted techno fabrics.   Expanses of stars or macro skulls in bas relief on leather are achieved through a  meticulous process of resin  insertion.  The same procedure is used for the motorbike style padding of  leather sleeves on military camouflage jackets and  wool or denim coats complete with martingales and pleats, evoking  admiralties  of the past. The leather bomber jackets are constructed in layers, with lined sleeves, bib and collar and removable hood in wool knit, some garment dyed  for a  vintage effect. 

There is no shortage of classic leather jackets, reinterpreted in PHILIPP PLEIN style.  Collars  embellished with hammered micro-studs,  flowing onto the back  forming maxi crosses and skulls in a sophisticated bas-relief effect, achieved thanks to an innovative  drilling procedure. The iconic masterpieces of  the double P Maison remain  the crocodile  bombers, the python jackets and the six-pocket field jackets, this season unveiled in deerskin.

The 16-mm maxi zipper is the common denominator of the entire collection.   Alongside the  iconic razor blade,  a strategic  cursor and  pervading element,  which evokes the strength  and beauty  of every man. 

Opulent materials characterise the exterior of each piece, but above all the interior. Hidden within is an ultra-luxurious core, which makes each piece truly unique. The fluorescent and silver laminate linings of the parka, bomber and Montgomery jackets are padded, smooth and glossy, while the crocodile and python  jackets are lined in cashmere. Each coat features an Italian flag  label or tag, synonymous with the high quality of the fabrics and the strictly Made in Italy production.

This new concept of luxury, which reinterprets the formal male wardrobe with workmanship typical of sportswear, finds its greatest expression in the knitwear, all strictly Made in Italy.  100% cashmere sweaters and turtlenecks are presented for the first time. They are lightweight and extra warm, designed to be worn under everything. The collection also features thin basics in 70% silk and 30% wool, authentic gentleman’s under-jackets. Meanwhile, the sweaters with chinchilla-effect fur lining and razor blade maxi zip, and the Norwegian pullovers in blended mohair, with  short-haired shearling hood, are anything but basic. In  formalwear, much attention has been paid to the jackets and blazers, which include an exclusive version in madras print PHILIPP PLEIN techno fabric, quilted with inserts and reinforcements in flocked wool. The suits are elegant, with a slimmer than ever silhouette and  shawl collar. The blazers with cool wool collar and snakeskin under collar would suit real million-dollar warriors. 

In keeping with the irreverent yet gentlemanly style of PHILIPP PLEIN,  the collection also includes a variety of fun sweatshirts and T-shirts with iconic images from the world of cartoons, such as Popeye, or provocative “bomber pin ups”, an enduring   male fantasy since the 1940s.

In their role as audacious style cadets, PHILIPP PLEIN men wear original shoes from the sole upwards: camouflage para rubber for the sneakers, reinforced for the boots and Derby shoes, two-tone rubber for the ankle boots, where the English brogue workmanship reveals a fluorescent suede sole. New for this season are the studded desert boots, alongside   boots with socks incorporated and  designed to be turned down at the ankle, and the crocodile boots with  zipper inserted between the sole and the upper.

The collection also includes toiletry cases, shoppers, travel bags and iPad cases in Saffiano leather, all distinguished by the unmistakable symbol of the maxi zip, in solids and camouflage.

The man conceived by the designer Philip Plein for the next Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 season is a fearless and daring  brave heart who is always fights to be number one, the sexiest and the most envied of all. “Regret nothing” is the groove of a new style battle.