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Cruise Collection 2017 Women

PHILIPP  PLEIN  presents  Cruise  2017.  Drawing  upon  the  Maison’s signature  statement  of  non-conformism,  this  collection  represents  the  collision  of  two worlds: Streetwear couture meets body conscious evening wear.

Colorful appliqués with Cadillac, flame, and lip motifs represent the brand’s main car racing theme for the Cruise 2017 collection and are seen  on bomber jackets, leather biker jackets, A-line  dresses,  tailored  blazers,  denim  jacket,  pants  and  joggers  in  both  the  brand’s signature  black-red-white  color  scheme  and  pastel  colors.  Race-chequered  and  Pop-Art inspired  T-shirts  complete  the  theme.  Light-weight  materials  such  as  silk  dresses,  fil  coupé crop tops and guaina skirts form a contrast to heavy materials such as star studded denim, leather appliqués on biker jackets, jewelled joggers and python jackets.

The collection is embellished with patches,  intarsia fabrics, myriad variations of stud details as   well   as   embroidery   with   sequins   and   pearls,   representing      the   highest   form   of craftsmanship, which is conveyed throughout the accessory collection featuring star studded clutches,  top  handle  bags  with  the  brand’s  signature  skull  and  spike  stud  details  as  well  as heels  with  crystals  and  exotic  leathers.  New  signature  elements  such  as  the  deconstructed hexagon  represent  the  passion  for  exclusive  details  and  dedication  to  the  extraordinary. Cropped  body  conscious  motor  jackets  unify  both  worlds  and  portray  an extraordinary synergy between the two.