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Fall/Winter 2016 Collection Women



To the beat of a live performance by Chris Brown, Philipp Plein unleashes his Superheroines, or highly-charged fearless women who brave the world with control, femininity and bravado. 

Colossal illuminated and fire belching semi-trailers reverse onto the stage carrying their load of superheroines, who march off the trucks and onto the runway kicking of the fall/winter 16/17 show. 

Inspired by Plein’s favorites heroes - Catwoman, The Avengers and Captain America – and their intriguing powers, put-together look and resilience, the Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection counterpoints sensuality and toughness, sportiness and drama via sharp and body-conscious silhouettes, high-sparkle embellishments, athleisure accents and a tight palette of gold, black and silver. 

All mismatched liberally and intentionally, without restrain, to trumpet a futuristic and unconventional attitude. 

The jumpsuit and breastplates take center stage, primarily in leather, and decorated in a number of labor-intensive ways, from geometric cutouts to graphic metal piping to bejeweled hand-embroidered showerings of Swarovski crystals and metal sequins. 

A savvy play of contrasts further elevates the cool and modern mood. Black lace and bondage play to a women’s sultry side while sneakers dominate, peeking out from everything, even high-wattage silk evening gowns, because everything goes. Plush touches of mink and fox bond with crocodile and python while flashy Lurex Avengers jacquards jazz up sharply tailored black blazers. 

As always, at Plein, expect the unexpected.